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Progression Clinics

Our most popular series of training sessions that meet once weekly for 8 weeks

Private Training

Personalized individual or small group training with Coach Dourdas

Skills and Shooting Academy

Once a week clinics focused entirely on shooting mechanics and fundamental skill

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To sign up for any of Elite Basketball Training's programs below, please refer to the event's page found under the training tab at the top of our website!

Coach Dourdas Training Session with Buddy Boeheim

The Secret Behind Syracuse's Success is Peter Dourdas

“Footwork. Shooting form. Handle. Vision. Effort. The best basketball players are built from a solid foundation. That’s what Coach Dourdas teaches. Don’t fall for the gimmicks or big promises. Don’t think you’ll pick it up during the school season. This kind of skills training is often not available in the school setting. If you want your kid to be his or her best, you have to start at the foundation, with fundamentals. Footwork. Shooting form. Handle. Vision. Effort. Coach Dourdas understands that. He drills that. No shortcuts. Get your head right. I trust Coach Dourdas completely with one of the most important things in my life: my daughter. I enthusiastically endorse him for parents serious about giving their children the skills to play the game of basketball the way it ought to be played.”
– John Lammers

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